Eden 85/15 Cat Food

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Eden cat food is a highly nutritious complete food aligned to your cat's ancestral diet with a high content of quality animal protein

  • 85% Chicken, salmon, herring, duck, white fish and whole eggs
  • 15% Fruit, vegetables, vitamins and herbs
  • 0% Grain (No wheat, maize, rice, corn or beet pulp) or gluten
  • High levels of taurine - essential for your cat's health
  • Meat and fish are freshly prepared to an equivalent human food-grade standard
  • Salmon and herring packed with Omega 3
  • Low carbohydrate content with fruit and vegetables
  • Prebiotics to support digestion
  • Health-supporting herbs, vitamins and minerals
  • Additional joint supplements
  • Made in Britain

Available in chicken and salmon flavour in a small kibble perfect for your cat's tiny gnashers with no waste unlike a wet food.